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Physics What courses should I take to become a physicst.

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    Hi, I'm new.

    I'm enrolled in a community college and have decided to major in physics. I am really interested in astrophysics specifically but I'm not making any commitments yet. I would like to know what courses I should take. Any reccomendations and stuff like that.

    Truethfully, math is very hard for me. I am self teaching myself the basics so I have a strong foundation. Next semester I will be taking calculus (hopefully). I just want to know a general idea of what should come next.

    Also, if there is anyone out there who is willing to mentor me that would be AWESOME. I need someone who can guide me and be positive and also PATIENT. I'm a slow learner when it comes to math but this is just an obsticle I have to get over.

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    I'm in engineering, not physics, but I know you need to take the entire calculus sequence (4 quarters, or 3 semesters) plus linear algebra and differential equations. You probably also need to take up through the highest physics course at your community college, which I believe is both semesters of physics in the engineering sequence, plus maybe one more semester. You really should talk to a counselor at your college, they would know what you need to take.
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    Thank you tpcqreq! And yes, I will be making an appointment with an advisor at my school I just wanted a general idea of what I was getting myself into.
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