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What Damage can happen to a 110 pound man jumping from 80ft

  1. Jul 29, 2015 #1
    What will happen to a 110 pound man jumping from 80 feet into water feet first? I have done the math he hits the water at around 50 mph. How will this damage his body?
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    People are jumping from cliffs that high for fun. If done the right way there doesn't have to be any relevant damage.
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    The risk here, of course, is that he may not manage to ensure he enters feet-first. But young men have a force field around them that protects them from all injuries. I know I did! Loopy, the lot of them.
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    A young man died near here last week. He jumped 76 feet and landed in the water. I think it broke his neck.
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    If he lands wrong, a waste pan and a broom will be the appropriate way to get him up, followed of course with a mop if it is in an normally clean area.
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    There will be an upper limit for the jump to be survivable and I would suggest 80+ feet will be getting there. At higher velocities of entry the water molecules have far less time to "get out of the way" so that displacing say 70kg of material (water or otherwise) in a very short space of time results in the jumper virtually hitting a semi-solid, and all the forces generated at that time act on him.

    In Glasgow we have a bridge that stands about 160ft high at the middle which has seen a lot of suicides. Everyone who goes over will hit the water anywhere around 50-70 mph, which in turn equates to very high g-forces. Not really survivable short of a miracle.They won't enter the water like a cliff diver either, probably tumbling so you're looking at crush injuries to both limbs and internal organs.

    Cliff divers from 80ft maybe, but joe normal will get hammered much after 60ft.
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