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What do Biology grad schools think of multiple GREs?

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    So there are two GRE exams that are very similar - biochemistry+cell biology and biology. Do a lot of biology students take those 2 exams? And what do grad schools think of that? (also, do a lot of them also consider taking the GRE chemistry exam too?) From the initial looks of it, it seems that the biochemistry+cell biology exam is more abstract and difficult than the regular GRE biology exam (which doesn't even look that much deeper than AP Biology).
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    Which one you need depends on what field you're going to head into. Keep in mind there is no such thing as "biology grad school." At the graduate level, you'll enroll in a program focused on a specific subtopic of the life sciences or biomedical sciences. Each program will tell you their requirements. Check those out before you waste money paying for exams you don't need.
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