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What do I need to create FORTRAN programs?

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    So I am an Aerospace engineering student and we are learning FORTRAN right now (you can all thank Boeing for that). I had gotten used to writing in Visual studio with the nice visual debugger and compiler. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a student version of the FORTRAN debugger for VS, so I am wondering where can I find a preferably free or low cost FORTRAN compiler and debugger that I can create my codes in on my personal computer. I have the G95 FORTRAN compiler that a friend gave me, but nothing to write the codes in to feed it.

    Any help would be appreciated,
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    jim mcnamara

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    Hi rhimmelblau -

    Editors: Purely Windows: Notepad++ or UltraEdit, one free, the other cheap.

    Install cygwin on your PC. FORTRAN is free as part of the gcc suite, as is gdb (debugger).
    This creates a Linux environment (UNIX) , which you will have to deal with later on anyway, assuming you continue your current career path. There are various IDE's for cygwin for FORTRAN, so if you care to learn one them, you do not need an editor like Notepad++. This assumes you install one of the windows-like desktops, for example, Gnome.

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    If you already have g95, all you need now is a nice syntax highlighting editor, like Notepad++, as mentioned before.

    I don't think you need cygwin for g95; but it is a nice unix-like environment...then again, you can also download all those command-line utilities for windows....but I think this might already too much for you...it sounds like, presently, you are just a very Windows-oriented kind of guy...nevertheless, for working with fortran program, I recommend you reconnect with your DOS terminal...that's where you will do something like:
    c:\>g95 -o myprogram myprogram.f90
    c:\>myprogram < inputfile > outputfile
    c:\> etc, etc, etc

    Also, for $25 buck, you may instead get a copy of Simply Fortran...if you prefer GUI's and IDEs.
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