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What do I need to master before I start calculus?

  1. Jul 2, 2016 #1
    I want to start learning calculus I. But, I don't know what courses I need to finish before starting precalculus. any help would be appreciated.
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    Please tell us your current knowledge level and background.
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    Take a look at the site MathIsPower4u.com. It has a collection of videos on all math topics from pre-algebra to beyond Calculus I,II, and III.

    Just looking at the titles and subjects that precede Calculus you can see what things you still need to learn.

    The short answer is that you need algebra, geometry, trigonometry, series and sequences... and some stuff about limits and infinity.
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    Ideally, you learned Algebra 3, and understand at least basic Trigonometry, and had at least the one-semester Trigonometry. Being weak in the intermediate level of Algebra means near certain failure in learning Calculus. Being strong in intermediate level of Algebra and knowing basic Trigonometry could be enough for earning maybe C or B in Calculus 1.
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    Preferably you would have mastered Algebra (factoring, solving one or more equations for unknowns, horizontal, vertical, slant asymptotes, etc.) and Trigonometry (know and understand the relationships between trigonometric functions, and know the basic 2 or 3 identities)
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