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What do you call this kind of attraction?

  1. Jan 26, 2012 #1
    -You get two pieces of dry glass material with perfectly flat faces.

    -You press and rub them together. Initially, they seem to glide smoothly against each other...

    -...Eventually, after a few strokes, friction force gets very strong until the point you can't rub them at all.

    -A this stage the two pieces of glass have become stuck to each other, strongly!

    -They will remain stuck indefinitely until you force them apart. You can drop them on the carpet and still remain stuck, you get the idea that this is a very strong attraction, almost like a neo magnet to iron!

    -The action does not cause any damage, no scratch, nothing.

    -I suspect the action drives all the air out between the glass pieces and outside air pressure takes over??

    -I discovered this by accident when I decide to amuse myself with two glass prisms from a pair of binoculars! Any ideas what causes this attraction?
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