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What do you think about my class choice for next semester?

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    I registered for Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Design I, and Vibrations in Mechanical design. I'm not sure if this is going to be too rough or not. Vibrations is an elective and I think it is important. Another option would be FEA. I'm in thermodynamics now and I enjoy it. I'm thinking that fluid mechanics and heat transfer will be similar in ways, so although they are tough, I will do well because I enjoy it (hopefully). What do you think? Any experience based thoughts would be great. I don't want to set my self up for failure.
    I'll be working 15 hrs a week too, cutting down from 20. I'm not a genius. I'm having a rough semester now but I'm bored with a lot of it. (circuits, statistics, mechanics of materials, thermodynamics)

    I know people are going to ask what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. I know some kind of product development. Maybe engines (electric ICE, or jet), aero structures, energy systems, cooling systems, spaceships....I really don't know. : )
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    Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics will have several overlapping concepts, so that will be nice to have together. They can be pretty tough to grasp conceptually, though, so it's tough to say whether you'll have a tough time, or whether you'll be ok.

    Mechanical Design I, depending on your curriculum, probably won't be too hard (entry level course), and if you have any natural aptitude for mechanical devices, you should not have too much trouble. I loved all my mechanical design classes. Gears, pulleys, bolts/nuts, fatigue, practical application of stress and strain, pressure, etc. Fun and practical concepts.

    Vibrations can be tough. I had a dual major in Aeronautical and Mechanical, and my vibrations course was focuses on airfoils and fuselage structures. It was a tough course with lots of math; but it was very interesting.

    You'll have a decent workload, and it might get pretty tough at some points, depending on how the courses are structured (and how the schedules overlap with exams, homework, labs, etc) but it's a reasonable semester as far as I can tell. I had several just like in when I was in school.
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