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What does E mean in this format?

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    I'm just playing around with some stuff in excel.

    I asked it to create a Polynomial trend line to the order 6 adn it came back wiht this...

    Y = -9E-19x6 + 2E-14x5 - 2E-10x4 + 1E-06x3 - 0.0027x2 + 3.5222x - 1656.5

    I just want to write that as a formula, but what's the E? I've seen it used to represent x10# before but that dosent seem to fit?

    Can someone rewrite that in a format that works in excel?

    eg.. = (10^-9)-(19*x^6).....
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    It is 10^x, in this case it means that the coeficients in x^3 and higher are zero.
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    I kind of get what your saying but I still can't see how I can write that as a formula that will work in excel if someone can do it I'm sure I'll be able to make sense of it
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    assuming that x is a cell A1 then you can use E directly in any number

    = -9E-19*power(A1,6) + 2E-14*power(A1,5) - 2E-10*power(A1,4) + 1E-06*power(A1,3) - 0.0027*power(A1,2) + 3.5222*A1- 1656.5

    Although because the higher terms are so small this is really just

    = 0.0027*A1*A1 + 3.5222*A1- 1656.5
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