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What education do I need to cure diseases?

  1. Jul 11, 2015 #1
    I want to cure the major diseases like Ebola, cancer, and ALS. What do I need to do?
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    If anyone knew exactly what to do then those diseases would already be cured.

    The first avenue to explore would likely be medicine itself. You could go into pathology, epidemiology, or oncology. Alternatively you could go more of a scientific route and get into virology or experimental oncology. There are lots of different disciplines that are working on these problems. So really the best route for you would likely be to follow what interests you.
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    Hi :smile:
    I don't know much about working in medical research, but I would guess you'd need a degree and probably a PhD in a field related to human biology, such as biology, biomedical science etc. Or if you want to work on drugs and treatments for those diseases you should consider subjects like chemistry, medicinal chemistry, maybe biochemistry, microbiology etc. I think there are also medical doctors who work on research, so that would be a M.D.
    You should try and get some advice from people who actually work in this field though, I'm just someone who wanted to work in this area and has done a fair bit of research into the required qualifications for medical/ pharmaceutical research.
    Hope this helped :smile:
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    Ok thanks! ☺️
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