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Which country is the best for medical studies?

  1. Feb 5, 2016 #1
    I am at India doing my high school.I have an ambition to create a change in medical field by finding a cure for a disease and running my own branch of hospitals that takes less fees from patients and works for the poors..I just wanna get a good education to do all that.Should I do my MBBS from India or take my SAT exam and get admission in foreign med schools?
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    In the US you need to do 4 years of pre-med before actually going to med school. It's already a long road to becoming a doctor, so that becomes an important consideration.
    India does have some very good medical schools, but, as with anything else in India, it is very, very competitive so again that is something you need to look at.
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    It is not about competitiveness,It is about the QUALITY,Mr Ajay.
    I heard that India produces good doctors but not researchers.It doesn't seem to give the exposure required.So my question is which country is the best for such a quality education.
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    In terms of the quality of the doctors each nation produces, I am not qualified to say that any one place is better than another, being a high school student myself. I am just making the arguments my friends made before they went into medical entrance. I am not a medical student and very happily dropped biology after 10th. India nevertheless turns out quality doctors. Besides, how good a doctor you are, after a certain point, stops becoming a function of where you studied and more a function of you as an individual.

    If it is research you want to do, in any field, I would suggest going abroad because the way things are taught are quite different. There is a focus on independent thinking and actual hands-on research at the undergraduate level abroad as opposed to just rote learning. I have a friend from Poland who is also applying to the U.S. She wants to do medicine but, like you, she wants to do research in the field. So if you do not mind the additional 4 years go ahead.
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    Keep in mind that the quality of education is not country-specific, but school specific, and in some cases even program specific.

    One of the key things to helping you figure out whether a program is going to allow you to get where you want to go is to look at where their graduates are ending up. Most schools and programs keep statistics on this kind of thing.
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