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What has caused this panda-face in a cloud chamber ?

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    This image was posted on another forum , maybe someone here may be able to shed some light on the origin of the grinning-panda ...


    The the cloud chamber does not have an applied magnetic field.

    The radioactive source is Americium 241 [ from smoke detector ? ].

    The duration of the camera exposure cannot be greater than one second (so I am told).

    Personally I think the panda-face is an artefact caused by the radioactive source which has a similar size and shape to the largest* ring, but maybe some series of atomic events has created the pattern ? , ( the circular forms in the absence of a strong magnetic field makes me think otherwise ).

    (* which is less than 1cm in diameter),

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    My theory is that it has something to do with Ancient Aliens :smile:
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    Meir Achuz

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    We are not ancient!
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    you sure its not a fake?
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    There is the magnetic field of the earth, it could be a low energy cosmic ray. Nice imagination to suggest a panda face !
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    The great panda god is calling us!
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    Americium 241 does emit gamma rays, which can produce electron-positron pairs, which have circular/spiralling paths in a strong ( 0.1 T) magnetic field ...

    But the panda-face appeared in a home-made cloud chamber which does not have an added magnetic field.

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    It's a joke. Penguin diagram, Panda diagram.
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