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What if a black hole had a negative size ?

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    If maths tells us 1 * -1 = -1

    and it takes a positive cell to repel a positive cell .....

    could in theory a negative black hole never be reversed ????
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    What? None of this makes sense.
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    What do you mean by "reversed"?
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    What i mean is if a black hole suck everything in down to nothing then that size is decreasing

    What if in theory a negative black hole existed and was sucking everything in would its size increase or decrease ??
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    I have to agree w/ penguin ... you seem to be just stringing together words in ways that don't make any sense.

    What do you mean by "negative size"

    What do you mean by "negative black hole"

    I understand all the words you have used but when put together in that order, they don't seem to add up to anything meaningful.

    By the way, since you are new to the forum, let me add that comments such as the one I just made are not intended to be rude. Folks here just tend to call things the way they see them.
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    1 -1 = 0? Oh nevermind
    1*( -1) = -1

    I think the mathematics for this discussion might be a bit more sophisticated than that though?
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    To my knowledge, a black hole does not "suck everything in down to nothing". It merely takes the matter coming in through the event horizon and compresses it into a denser object and breaking down its fundamental particles, therefore increasing in mass (i believe).
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    oh sorry i should look up thing before posting

    i didnt know black holes suck in negative energy.

    so what happens to all the positive energy.
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    A quick suggestion - there are several other threads that discuss properties of black holes you might enjoy reading.
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    You continue to make no sense at all.

    What do you think you mean when you say it sucks in negative energy.

    You REALLY need to read more about black holes before posting any more about them
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    A quick search of "black holes" (drop down) at the top of this page will provide several choices.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Which is a good time to end this thread.
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