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B What if the universe's expansion is actually slowing down?

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    Hello guys,

    every "scientist" I have talked to say the universe is "expanding" at an ever increasing rate.

    then I tell them the following: "hey man, you say the farther away the galaxies you see, the quicker away from us they are moving, right ? (redshift, etc)"

    they say: "yeah"

    then I say: "but you're looking into the past, and the farther they (objects) are, the older the information we get (light) is...........
    so the way I see it, LONG TIME AGO they were moving faster, but not now.... I think it's actually slowing down"

    and then they just stare...............

    that simple issue will get rid of: dark energy, dark matter, senseless lunacy.

    try it !
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    Yes, I think senseless lunacy is a good description of your post. You should study some basic cosmology. Also, you idea has been shot down on this forum approximately 879 times so far. Try a forum search. A good place to start is the links at the bottom of this page.
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    Oh my gosh! None of us have ever thought of that before! Seriously, do you really think that professional cosmologists who have spent their careers working on this haven't thought of this obvious issue? Of course this is taken into account when interpreting measured data and modeling the expansion of the universe. If you are really interested in learning more about cosmology, I suggest getting an introductory book or doing some online study. Ned Wright's Cosmology Tutorial might be a good place to start.
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    The measurements of acceleration stem from the precise measurements of the redshifts and distances of large numbers of objects and large-scale structures in our universe, fully taking into account complicated things like light travel time. Yes, objects are moving away from one another at an accelerated rate today.
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    They stare at you not because they are stumped by your question, but flabbergasted by your rejection of an idea that you don't understand.

    They also aren't guessing, everyone (and I mean everyone) thought the universe was slowing down. In the 90s, two different teams set out to find out how much it was slowing down. Both came to the same conclusion that it was accelerating, and both came up with the same rate. You can argue ideas until you are blue in the face, but unless you can find an error in their math or a mechanism they didn't think of, you can't argue the science. You could take their data and redo the calculations if you want.
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    Thread closed for Moderation...
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    Thread will remain closed. The new OP has been reminded of the PF rules against personal speculation, and the need to post links to mainstream souces when asking questions here. He's also been reminded that the "A" prefix is to be used when wanting replies at the PhD level. :smile:
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