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What integrated circuits, etc. for an amateur?

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    I work with max. 18 V, hobby. Don´t want to mess around with AC. Which integrated circuits to buy to learn/ experiment with:
    -voltage regulators
    -voltage stabilizers
    -A-D, D-A converters
    -temperature sensors
    -quartz crystal
    I am learning what these are. It would be good to know which fall in that range and approximately what specifications to buy.
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    Hi I cannot define exact parts because that is project specific . I can help you with a partial list of parts that I use. I work mostly in the 3.3 to 12 volt range in my projects.
    Metal film resistors
    Various types of capacitors
    Lm339 quad comparator
    Lm324, lm358 op amp
    Ln380 audio power amp
    Particle Photon (contains A/D and D/A functions)
    74HC logic parts
    555/556 timer
    Various NPN / PNP transistors
    Ltv837c,?4n25 opto coupler

    If you google the items you are looking for you will find there are data sheets out there. For example, type "optocoupler data sheet" without the double quotes will get you information on these parts. Good luck
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    If I read your question right I think your first choice needs to be whether you will design and build in CMOS or TTL. The supply voltage range for each can be very different. As can clock speeds and logic voltage levels.

    Both a 555 timer circuit and a simple Op Amp were good beginner circuits for me.
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