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  1. fando1234

    B Lifting an elephant with hydraulics

    Hey guys, I'm a super amateur at physics, but I occasionally like to calculate random problems that pop into my head. Today I was thinking about pascal and hydraulics, and wondered if I could devise a (hypothetical) hydraulic system that would allow my weight to lift an elephant. I want to...
  2. C

    Stargazing Want to purchase new telescope

    Hello all, First of all thanks for taking the time to look at my post, and thanks ahead of time to those willing to answer my question. I've always loved Astronomy and have done quite a bit of self-study over the years. I have a pair of binoculars but want to get a telescope. I'll start by...
  3. I

    Generating High Voltage?

    Good Afternoon everyone, Question: What are some effective ways to generate a high voltage (Multiple KV) using amateur equipment? I've dealt with high voltage before, so I'm aware of the safety issues. Anyway, here is what I've got thus far: If you go on ebay, and search for high voltage power...
  4. P

    B How can I do Astronomy from home?

    I just graduated high school and have quite a bit of free time. Since a lot of Astronomy today is done via computers, I was wondering if I can analyze data and contribute to the field of Astronomy by sitting at home, somehow, if possible. I've searched around and gotten sites like this...
  5. onion3000

    Help with understanding modulation in AM, FM and PM radio

    I have a few questions about AM, FM and PM. 1. If FM (or PM) radio modifies the frequency of the signal, how is the signal picked up without having to change the frequency constantly? 2. If PM modulates phase, which modulates frequency, what is the difference between PM and FM? 3. Why is AM...
  6. E

    Physical cosmology learning sites

    Hi all! Where are some good places on the Internet where I can learn about physical cosmology? Specifically any good websites that are devoted to physical cosmology that you know about?
  7. amateur physic

    Is comunication faster that light possible: yes( maybe )

    i think it is possible but its too complicated to write down in english so i think comunication faster than light is possible without anything acctualy moving faster than light. If you had a big stick between earth and the sun and you push the stick towards the sun for 1 inch it will instantly...