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Homework Help: What is a carousel? (Mechatronics)

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    This may sound like a ridiculous question, but I'm required to do a presentation on mechanical aspects of mechatronics - specifically explaining what a carousel is. However, the internet doesn't seem to know what one is in electrical engineering either.

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    I've looked on lots of websites and consulted three mechatronics book from my reading list but I can't locate a definition anywhere.
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    Do you mean the amusement park ride? It goes around in a circle with horses and seats. It could also be just a unit that spins, such as for rotating trains or cars.

    From an engineering standpoint, it needs some way to convert electrical power into rotational mechanical power and control the speed.
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    Haha, I wish it was the amusement park ride!

    So is it a mechanism that converts electrical power into rotational mechanical power, and vice versa? I assume it's comprised of gears, belts, links and joints as well as a motor of some sort?
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    I'm fairly sure its just a generic term for a piece of equipment that moves items around and completes its path. Assuming this is for a project, I would pick a specific type, define it, then do your project on that. Or tell your proffesor "Hey this is a very generic statement, i'm adding these constraints" and see what they say.

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    Thanks alot. 'Manufacturing', 'motorised' and 'industrial' search terms seem to be producing better webpages now. I need to:

    - Provide Schematic of the chosen part
    ▪ Model the mechanical behaviour
    ▪ Explain the working principle
    ▪ Identify the different part of the system
    (links, joints, gears, etc.)
    ▪ Give details on the material used and the
    - Highlight the manufacturing process
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    "Carousel" also applies to material handling equipment. One variant of the design is a series of hanging multi-tier storage racks set on a motorized overhead track conveyor. It provides high-density material storage with a single access point.
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    Google search for either assembly Carousel or Carousel assembly

    Several million hits and many pictures!

    (I've done some Electrical design work on that style machine, it is a quite common design.)

    If you know what a Lazy Susan is, or a turntable, a carousel is very similiar with parts or tooling usually arrayed around the periphery.
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    I'm not sure if this is what you're after, but carousels are used a lot in CNC machining... for tool changing.
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    Lol, and maybe you shouldn't... go there ! . o_O
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