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Intro Math What is a good book for inequalities?

  1. Feb 13, 2016 #1
    My goal is to master inequalities so that I can have a deep understanding of a book like the Cauchy -Schwartz Master Class by Steele. Right now, that book is too difficult for me. I want to work upto that level and have good intuition about inequalities. Are there any good books where I can hone my skills ?
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    To be honest, I'm quite surprised this thread hasn't gotten any responses at all. It's not like it's asking for a book on a specialised topic like, say, Applications of Jensen's Inequality. It's just asking for a general book to begin inequalities and get a firm grip on them. I thought it would be full of posts.

    I found a book called Introduction To Inequalities by AJ Lohwater. I don't know what kind of reputation it has, but it seems pretty easy to follow.

    If it helps, I want to improve my problem solving skills and a book like Cauchy Shwarz master class would be absolutely great. It's just that it's beyond me at the moment and I need to do some work to get up there.
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