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What is a good introductionary textbook for modern physics?

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    What is a good introductionary textbook for "modern physics?"

    I am looking for a decent introductionary textbook to the various topics that get introduced in the first course after the classical mechanics(ie. a textbook targeted towards the student typically in the 4th semester in an undergrad physics sequence)? The textbook my college assigned was so bad that even the instructor didn't like the book.

    What books would people suggest and maybe an short explanation upon what is good about said book?
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    Re: What is a good introductionary textbook for "modern physics?"

    I'm currently studying from https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Physics-Raymond-Serway/dp/0534493394". I'm sure you can get it cheaper than that though, I bought mine for $120 Australian (<$US100) brand new.

    I've found it to be good at explaining QM in atomic/nuclear structures.
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