What is a radial Node ? What is an Angular Node ?

  1. Can anyone give me a picture of what the above terms mean..I know the mathematical meaning like

    But i want to know like how and what exactly is a radial node and an angular node !

    The node of an S sub shell is easy but where are the nodes in the P and d Sub shell ? And please explain what radial node and angular node mean..Thanks !
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  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hydrogen_Density_Plots.png

    Nodes are typically considered where the solution is stationary at 0. For radial nodes, f(R)=0 for all angles. They look circular in the picture above. For angular nodes f(someAngle)=0 for all R. They look like the slices.
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    You'll also find that all orbitals where n > l have radial nodes (i.e. every orbital except the first s,p,d and f orbitals), and every orbital where n > 1 (i.e. non-s orbitals) have angular nodes.
  5. I know the technical defination of nadoes but i need a pictorial defination..So that i can understand how it looks !
  6. Was the picture in the link insufficient? Its color coded in 2d instead of 3d -- so black represented the zeros (nodes), and the reds represented non-zero values.
  7. But what about angular nodes...Where are they ??
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    Think of the difference between radial nodes and angular nodes as being like looking at a bullseye vs. a 4-leaf clover. The nodes are the spaces between the circles in the case of the bullseye (radial node) and the spaces between the leaves in the case of the 4-leaf clover (angular node).
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