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What is a Schottky barrier or contact?

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    I looked at many websites including wikipedia and videos on youtube but I found them all very complicated and many contained diagrams that did not make sense to me. What is a Schottky barrier or contact in simplest form so that a 17 year old high school physics student can understand?

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    The simple example would be the application of a Cat Whisker Diode of a crystal radio. A metal contact directly in contact with a semiconductor material like Germanium. Hot carrier diode.
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    A "normal" diode is a junction between a P type and an N type semiconductor material.
    A Schottky diode is a junction between a metal and either an N type or a P type semiconductor material.
    Schottky diodes are fast and usually have a lower forward voltage drop than PN diodes.

    Beyond that, there is no simple explanation without a course in semiconductor physics.
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