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Engineering What is better for robotics: Electrical or Mech Eng?

  1. Aug 6, 2016 #1
    I know that robotics is a multidisciplinary field, requiring knowledge from many different fields of study. But I would like to know what would be the better path for a engineering seeking to work with robotics: it's mechanical or electrical engineering? I'm a student of MechE myself, and I have a huge interest in robotics. Here in college, the MechE department offers some electives in robotics, but most of them are related to manufacturing (industrial robotics, for instance). Most of the work looks like studying the dynamics of a robotic arm or something related.
    So, if I were to pursue a career in robotics, would my MechE degree would be a good start (something that I could broaden later with a Master's Degree in a related field)? Is Mechanical Engineering as important as electrical engineering when talking about robotics?
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    Depends on where you see yourself working .

    Design of robots or application of robots ?
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    To the OP:

    I used to work for a small engineering firm specializing in robotics, and I would say the engineers who worked there were about evenly split between electrical and mechanical (the company itself was founded by a professor of mechanical engineering).


    So really you could study either mechanical or electrical engineering and find opportunities to pursue work or research in robotics.
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