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What is spin? (advanced question)

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    I had thought that if under an infinitesimal rotation by [tex]\theta[/tex] around the z-axis a quantity transforms according to

    [tex]\psi\rightarrow\left(1+i\left[S+\left(\frac{1}{i}x\frac{\partial}{\partial y}-\frac{1}{i}y\frac{\partial}{\partial x}\right)\right]\theta\right)\psi[/tex]

    then the operator S is by definition the z-component of the spin operator for that quantity.

    However, the Dirac field operator transforms (in the appropriate representation) according to

    [tex]\psi\rightarrow\left(1+i\left[\frac{1}{2}\left(\begin{array}{cc}\sigma_{z}&0\\ 0&\sigma_{z}\end{array}\right)+\left(\frac{1}{i}x\frac{\partial}{\partial y}-\frac{1}{i}y\frac{\partial}{\partial x}\right)\right)\theta\right]\right)\psi[/tex]

    yet https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0521478146/103-7918027-3072619?v=glance&n=283155 states that [tex]\tau_{z}=\frac{1}{2}\left(\begin{array}{cc}\sigma_{z}&0\\0&\sigma_{z}\end{array}\right)[/tex] cannot be the spin operator because it does not commute with [tex]\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu}[/tex] The correct spin operator is--or has something to do with--the Pauli-Lubanski pseudovector.

    My question is, first, what's wrong with not commuting with [tex]\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu}[/tex]? Why is that necessary for the a good spin operator?

    And secondly, if [tex]\tau_{z}[/tex] is not a good spin operator, what about the fact that it generates the non-scalar part of a rotation? Is that not the definition of spin?
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    I don't know a definitive answer. However, isn't a part of [itex]\gamma^{\mu}\partial_{\mu}[/itex] the Hamiltonian? And (of course) if we want the eigenvalues of some operator to be constant in time, we require the operator to commute with the Hamiltonian.
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    The spin needn't be conserved. Actually for the Dirac Hamiltonian it isn't. It's only the total angular momentum that is conserved for a Hamiltonian generated time-evolution.

    Actually, besides the total momentum and angular momentum, the Pauli-Lyubanski pseudovector also commutes with the Hamiltonian and therefore is conserved for all projective unitary irreds of the restricted Poincare' group.

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    I have also problems to understand that section of Ryder's book. In the part where Wigner's little group is discussed it is shown in detail that the non-relativistic spin operator is the correct spin operator in the rest frame of a particle. Moreover, it is shown how the Pauli-Lubanski pseudovector reduces basically to the non-relativistic spin operator in the rest frame. But it seams to me that he does not spend a word to explain why the Pauli-Lubanski pseudovector should actually provide a generalized relativistic spin operator.
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