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What is the angular velocity of the front wheels in rpm?

  1. Sep 23, 2007 #1
    1. 1. The rear wheels of a tractor are 4 ft in diameter and turn at 20 rpm.

    a. How fast is the tractor going (ft. per sec.)?
    b. The front wheels have a diameter of only 1.8 ft. What is the linear velocity of a point on their tire treads?
    c. What is the angular velocity of the front wheels in rpm?
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    You aren't going to even try? What is the circumference of the wheels? If they turn at 20 rpm per minute, what distance do the wheels move (at every revolution, of course, they move a distance equal to the circumference) in one minute? How far do they move in one second?
    b) and c) are much the same. As the tractor moves forward, the front wheels will have to move the same distance as the rear wheels. Since the circumference of the front wheels is smaller, the front wheels will have to turn faster to cover the same distance.
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