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What is the best 100% free Anti-Virus?

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    Hey all,

    What is the best Anti-Virus that is 100% free? The new AVG is a piece of crap. I get fake positives where as I know for sure my computer is clean. I have nod32 and I like it but it's not free and my trial is almost up. I have to find a free program that is good and no fake positives. Can anyone help me find one? Take care everyone.
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    Thank you for your reply. I will check it out now!
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    I say AVG, but I've heard great stuff about both Avast and Avira as well.
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    Is there an option to turn off heuristics? That would reduce the number of false positives.
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    I am not sure but is there? If there is, I would bet I go back to AVG. I miss 7.5 there was no false at all with that version. It became with 8.0 and 8.5 and so on.
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    AVG is still the best. I've had no problems with the new version.
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    I know, they tried to make it look fancy and all it does is piss me off. I don't get any false positives, but I've got dialup so I'm naturally slightly less prone. Especially the updater makes me mad, where as on the last version it would just update when I got on the net.
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    Really? No false positives guys? nod32 scans my computer with no threats but AVG gives me threats.
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    Alright, I found something but NOT sure how to do it:


    The part I am not sure about is: You need to go to Tools > Advanced Settings, and then under Resident Shield go to Exceptions and add the path that ePSXe is in.

    Where do I find the path? ePSXe? Never heard of it.
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    If anything, a false positive is GOOD, cause its saying something that your other scanner can't.
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    Be aware that if you use an AV program that quarantines suspicious files, it ignores the files that it has locked away, but other AV programs might "see" those suspicious files within the quarantine and give you a positive. In this case, you are not getting a false positive from the second scanner. It truly does "see" the string of suspicious code, but does not recognize that the first scanner has quarantined the file containing that code.
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    I use AVG Free and like it just fine; it's worth way more than what I paid for it.
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    I've used AVG for years, never had a problem...

    .. side note, where I work I get McAfee for free but I still use AVG.
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    There are no free anti-virus software packages. This is mostly due to two reasons:

    1) Computer security evolves so quickly that any general scanner must have a constantly updated database of known threats.

    2) The demand for anti-virus comes from users of MS Windows, who presumably do not care about software freedom.

    ePSXe is an emulator for the original playstation game console.
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    Avast! is free and the virus definitions are updated daily - much more responsive and up-to-date than Norton.
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    Ha ha, yeah, I think Crosson didn't even bother to read the OP or any of the posts...
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    AVG is free, I'm sure there are others as well.
    What? The demand for virus protection has nothing to do with being a Windows user, Mac has virus' also. And how does a MS user not care about "software freedom"? {software freedom...? I assume your referencing open source apps ?} Do you not care about "automobile freedom" because you paid for your car?? That was a dumb comment.
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    Macs have fewer viruses though...

    I LOVE open source! I love the feeling of finding a fully functional, cool, useful program for FREE.
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    Free != no cost

    http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html" [Broken]

    Avast is not free! It is provided at no cost for non-commercial use.

    I read the other posts, and I was blown away that other folks think things like AVG and Avast provide freedom to users.

    AVG is provided at no cost for non-commercial use, it does not grant freedom to the user in any significant way.

    Neither MS Windows or OSX are free software, so the point of my comparison is still valid: users of these operating systems do not care about their freedom, and so there are no free anti-virus products.

    Besides, security packages on a UNIX system bear little to no resemblance with anti-virus scanners for windows, and most 'anti-virus' products sold on the Mac on marketing scams, very ineffective in real world use (exploits are rare, and an exploit being caught by one of these is rarer still).

    You have no way of knowing what MS Windows is doing to your hardware! You gave them complete control of your machine :(

    No, open source apps can be released with unlimited restrictions.

    http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-for-freedom.html" [Broken]

    This is ironic, because the old joke on Usenet was that any comment about computers that involves a car analogy is automatically a dumb comment.

    To anyone who thinks I am being pedantic, or arguing semantics, you should know the history behind the free software movement and decide whether you support corporations or individuals.
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    Whoa man, calm down, there's nothing to get all worked up about here.

    Most people consider "at no cost" to be "free".
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    True, and the company that wrote and maintains Avast has a right to expect that people who use it in a business setting (to make money, duh!) should pay for their copy. It's nice of them to distribute it free for personal use, and it helps keep the overall level of virus attacks suppressed so they are not fighting fires all the time. I have used NAV and the timeliness of their responses to new threats was disappointing.
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    I really HATE people that make viruses, cause its so cowardly. I have high respect for hackers (some of them, mainly grayhats), especially when you read the Hacker's Manifesto.
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    Physicsforums is a very smart place, so I was surprised to see that AVG and Avast were being called free software. This conflicts with the usage of the term by the free software movement, which is a social and intellectual movement that has brought us the GNU/Linux operating system, the Mozilla firefox internet browser, openOffice, VLC Media Player, etc.

    In general, freedom is something that people get very 'worked up' about. I am 'worked up' because I want you all to learn about the free software movement so that you can be free.

    Here is a dystopian short story:


    I agree that this is normal usage, but the free software movement is very important and they encourage us only to use the term 'free software' in reference to freedom.
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