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What is the best book for physics 2?

  1. Aug 14, 2010 #1
    I wanted to know what book is one that covers electricity and magnetism to its best! I want a book that shows explanations in detail about that subject! Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Are you beginning or do you have previous knowledges in this subject?

    If you are beginning, I find Tipler a nice introduction, although its problems aren't very challenging and it is for sure more focused to engineering majors (I assume your primarily interest is in Physics itself).

    If you have already studied at Tipler's level, Griffiths is the one.
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    foundation of electromagnetic theory by Milford-Reitz-Christy.this is advanced book you must be good in math for this book.
    but if you are beginer these are good books for you, sears zemansky university physics and another is halliday_resnick 3rd eddition
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