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What is the best language for photoshop?

  1. Nov 28, 2013 #1
    Hi, I recently got photoshop and was wondering how one would go about adding your own shaders/plugins. I am familiar with basic image algorithms and techniques:supereagle, 2xsai, supersampling, rasterization ect and can code in C++ which I heard was the main language for these things. Should I just use C++ or learn GSLS or rederman?. Thanks for any help/opinions.
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    The Photoshop SDK is a bunch of C-language header files.

    While one probably could be smart and use other languages for that, solid knowledge of C would be required. I am not sure whether the header files are directly compatible with C++; to use C++ where C is supposed to be used, one has to know both C++ and C very well.
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    Oh.That sucks, I hear the SDK has virtually no help/support online. So I couldn't just use GSLS? I just intentd on making simple shaders.
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    I have no idea what GSLS is. After another look at the SDK, it seems to support C++ natively.

    There might be third-party wrappers for other languages, but you would have to look for them.
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