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Schools What is the best university ranking table in uk?

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    Hey all
    So far I've found three main university ranking tables but there are few difference for an example Hertfordshire uni for physics according to guardian 16 while according to Times online it's 40 and according complete uni guide it's 43.so i am confused .I know that it can be some different but like this?
    According to my perspective better one is Guardian,because they are researching in many areas. so what is your opinion? here links

    Times online- http://extras.timesonline.co.uk/tol...AC_sub=Physics+and+Astronomy&x=37&y=11&sub=51
    Complete uni guide-http://www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk/single.htm?ipg=8727

    Thanks have a nice day!
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    Ranking tables at best are a guideline anyway. It depends on lots of different things - the fact that you see different tables have different rankings is indicative of their problem: lots of the criteria are subjective. Whilst they may be based on student surveys and the like, students attending particular institutions will have their own expectations: some will be higher than others, so it might be more difficult to be satisfied if you're applying to a university you'd expected to be extremely good, for instance. The issue here is that when you're responding to a student survey, you can only speak for your own institution, since thats the one you actually attended :)

    I'd use these tables if perhaps theres a university you're considering but have no idea about; but if you're applying to a university then the best thing to do is actually go there. Ask questions yourself and find out if the university seems capable of delivering in your own hopes and needs for your degree.
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    Thanks fasterthanjoao for your advice ,but i cant go there because i am an international student
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