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What is the criteria for Final Project?

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    Hello all Friends,

    I am taking my undergraduate, majoring in Electrical Engineering, concentration in Control
    It takes 10 semester to pass, 1 semester=4months. Well it might be rare for you.
    And I am in 8th semester doing my internship as one of the criteria in the curriculum.

    In this 8-9th semester I must finish my Final Project to present it in 10th semester.
    Well, I'm sharing what the best project is in other subforum.

    Here, I would like to ask what is the criteria contain in my final project?
    In this case I will make controlling things w/ automation using Arduino.
    I am afraid if I have finish the projects but It doesn't fulfill the criteria such as not original, the project solved before by other person...
    I even don't have the border line what the original meaning is..

    Could you make clarity here?
    Thank you so much:D
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    Why don't you ask your advisor or someone in your department? We have no idea what the criteria are for your final project.
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    Thx fss for your reply.
    Well,I have asked him,but he hasn't replied my email,I guess he is busy.

    I just would like to know what the criteria based on your experience and perception...
    Well,I just want to prepare for excellence for my final project, I tend to make it as original,fresh,and useful idea.
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    At my college in the US, such a final project did not have to be original. As a matter of fact, we could use a final project from a previous year and make a slight improvement to it, and that was sufficient. The understanding was that undergraduates are not yet expert engineers, researchers, or inventors. However, the only way to find out for sure what the criteria are, is to ask your adviser.
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    Yes,you are right sweetpotato.
    I am waiting for his reply.
    Anw,what is ur final project about?related to arduino?
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    Sorry, it had nothing to do with the Arduino.
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    Well,thx sweetpotato
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