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What is the difference between an android cell phone & non-android?

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    What is the difference between an android cell phone and a non-android cell phone?
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    Almost all still share a common thread of being based on a flavor of Unix. Even Apple's IOS7. So at the core of it, the only major difference is the interface.
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    Ummmm. What?

    One has android and the other has another operating system to interface with the hardware. I don't think there's much to this question. And if it were to be answered by going into specifics of how different OSes handle the hardware it would be a too broad answer.

    I'm a little confused... :uhh:
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    I don't think think it's that unsound of a question. With the variety of cellular phones on the market, it's perfectly valid.
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    Simply stated, an android cell phone uses the Android operating system.
    There are phones that run other (non-android) operating systems like Windows Phone OS, Blackberry OS, iOS, Bada etc.

    Note that phones that use these operating systems are generally called Smart Phones. Of course before the smart phone era, mobile phones also had OS but those operating systems differ from smart phone operating systems by their low capability and less programability.
    (At present many low end phones still use not-smartphone OS.)
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    Android: Very customizable. Open source operating system is easily changed, hacked, manipulated, and molded to fit whatever functionality you had in mind. Your friend definitely has one to try. Found on all platforms for all prices depending on what hardware and software version you are interested in. Second largest app store. The battery is usually replaceable.

    iPhone: The first smartphone that was actually smart. Always turns on and always works. Same operating experience on all iPhones. The screen has the most pixel density. Hardware is made for Apple to Apple specs and cannot be changed. Has the largest app store. Most phone accessories are made for iPhone ranging from alarm clock docking stations and credit card scanners to stun guns.

    That is the difference..
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    I doubt the screen has the most pixel density. There are Android phones out there with better than 1080p resolution and 2400p phones are expected soon.

    Meanwhile, the latest iPhone is 640p.

    For instance, on my Samsung Galaxy S4, which is only a 1080p screen, it is true "retina" resolution (at least for me) because the pixels are so small that my eye cannot resolve them without putting it too close to the screen to focus.

    On the other hand, the iPhone 5 is not a retina screen for me because if I put my eyes right up to the point where I start to lose focus, I can barely make out the pixels (i5 326 ppi versus 441 for the S4 and 538 for the LG G3).

    At least from my perspective, that means that 1080p is pretty much the highest useful resolution in a screen that size.
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