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What is the difference between monohybrid and dihybrid cross

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    and if I have two plants the first one with a genotype of YyTT and the second one with a genotype of yyTT fertilise them this would be a monohybrid or dihybrid cross.
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    jim mcnamara

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    The definition of both monohybrid & dihybrid is 'cross between homozygous parents....'
    So yyTT YYTT does not involve T because TT and TT are the same, YY is homozygous, yy is homozygous, this is one trait == monohybrid

    So the answer to your question is: YyTT x YYTT is neither. It needs to be either yyTT x YYTT, or yyTT x yytt - homozygous only, no Yy and no Tt.
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    http://imgur.com/a/S09aJ i read this thing
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    i didn't understand it

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