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What is the difference between smart phones

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    I just got into smart phones, what is the difference between say Samsung J3, J6 or others? I know even in J3, they have different models like the latest is J3-V. The same question can be asked about I-phone 5, 6, 9 and others.

    Is J3, J6 equivalent to CPU like I3, I5 and I7? Is the different models on J3 is like different generation of I3. Like you can have I3 CPU, but the 8th generation is better than the 4th generation etc.?

    In another words, they will still come out with newer J3 like they will come out with the 9th or 10th generation CPU I-3.
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    You can find some good info on phone brands and their various specs on Wikipedia.

    Vendors are constantly improving phones with more function, better battery usage, lighter, cheaper, and better reception. They don’t alway succeed on each front but try to beat the competition.

    Notice more function competes with better battery usage as does cheaper, lighter and the other constraints. Vendors must balance these features to win over consumers.
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    Here's a table comparing iPhone models from the 3GS onwards:


    [added] Note that there's no iPhone 9. Apple jumped straight from the 8 and 8 Plus to the X (10). They wanted to market the X as being "revolutionary."
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    yungman. Small variations in performance aren't really relevant.

    The big decision is Apple vs everyone else running Android.

    Android devices are less expensive for a given level of performance. But you pay with your information.

    Apple is a device manufacturer that makes its money selling pricey gadgets.
    Google is a software and advertising company that makes its money giving you software in exchange for the right to mine your usage info.

    For me there is no comparison. I pay more for iOS.

    From CES in Vegas this week:

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    Doesn't Apple use Google for its cloud services anyways though? If you store your information on the Apple Cloud...you're really just using the Google Cloud aren't you?
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    I don't put anything worth anything in my phone, I put my play email on it. I have Discord video chat, Ring doorbell but with wrong address. I don't do banking, stocks on the phone. The phone has no information on me. I don't serve internet on the phone.

    No Amazon or ebay, no paypal. Never use the phone to log in all these. Would never buy anything through the phone.
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