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Homework Help: What is the final temperature of the lead bullet?

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    Can someone please help me solve this??

    A 5 gram bullet traveling in 20 0C air at 300 m/s strikes a flat steel plate and stops. What is the final temperature of the lead bullet?(Assume all heat is retained by the bullet. The melting point of lead is 327 0C. The specific heat of lead is 0.122J/g-0C. The heat of fusion of lead is 24.7 J/g.)
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    This sounds very much like a homework problem. Tell us what you have done to solve it so far and we can help to point you in the right direction.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Start with finding how much heat energy is produced in the collision (assume it is all converted to heat).

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    Tom Mattson

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    Hey folks,

    Just a reminder of the PF Global Guidelines that we all agreed to, under Homework Help:

    I've added the color for emphasis. Please don't post full solutions to problems. Helping is good. Doing the problem for the questioner is bad.


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