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Homework Help: What is the initial speed of the water

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    The world's highest fountain of water is located, appropriately enough, in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The fountain rises to a height of 560 (5 feet higher than the Washington Monument).

    What is the initial speed of the water
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    what would be initial speed of the ball someone throws to a height of 560 feet?
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    total distance/total time
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    That would be average speed. Speed of water isn't same all the time, it's slows down because of gravity. Distance moved with constant acceleration is:
    d = v0*t-1/2*a*t^2, v0 is initial speed, a - a negative acceleration and t -time. Speed is:
    v = v0 - at. You can solve those two equations for initial speed, and get:
    v^2 = (v0)^2 - 2gd
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