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What is the Kyoto agreement?

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    [SOLVED] What is the Kyoto agreement?

    Can anyone tell me what the Kyoto agreement was?
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    I can't give you exact data/figures off the top of my head, but it was a global conference a few years ago, whose aim was to unite political leaders worldwide in agreeing to reduce their countries emissions of greenhouse gases etc. I think almost every (if not every ) country except the US (under Clinton at the time) agreed to cut their emissions to some extent, with a future target, eg. 2010 in mind. The US didn't agree ( ) because they thought it would damage their economy too much I believe. Probably better asking google if you're wanting more details than that...
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    This might be true, but a rather boring read on the articles of the Kyoto protocol:

    In addition to the U.S. not participating in the Kyoto protocol/treaty, Austraila has chosen not to participate either, there are likely many other countries that haven't signed into it either as it is a United Nations project.
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