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What is the meaning of this job ad?

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    I know it's some kind of encoding that can be turned into a phone # and/or email address, but what encoding is it? (By the way, I'm not going to apply for it. You're not helping me cheat or anything. I'm just curious.)

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    Never seen that before.

    Respond with the solution and they'll talk to you. It's not nearly as hard as it might look. I'm no cryptographer or math whiz, but it took me just a minute to solve part 1.
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    There are multiple parts? I'm so confused ...
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    Breaking the code [1] gives you an instruction. Follow the instruction [2] and send the result.

    Seriously, it's easier than you think (at least, part 1 is).
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    -----> removelargestprime
    -----> remove largest prime

    So there's a largest prime hidden in the string of digits and once I remove it I will see contact info revealed?
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    There's a little more to it, but you're on the right track. It took me somewhere around 45 minutes.
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    I was precisely working with prime numbers right now and I come here and see this thread. What a weird job post. Very creative.
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    Remove letters , it'll read 'remove largest prime' .. write the rest of numbers, count them, say there are n numbers, google the nth largest prime digit number, subtract it or something.. you should get a 10 digit number.
    This is basically a startup looking for some software engg.
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