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What is the most interdisciplinary STEM Major?

  1. Dec 18, 2013 #1
    My question is my exact title, what is the most interdisciplinary STEM major? I was wondering because I want to be interdisciplinary and someone told me ChemE and it seems interesting but I have no clue what ChemE's do exactly and the tools they use and what they are able to do with what they learn. Can anyone tell me any more majors and explain the ChemE major as well?
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    It probably has more to do with your research topic and your school than your major.
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    We want to do "interdisciplinary" now? What happened to "physics or EE"? Different week, different mood?

    So now, you want to learn a little bit about everything, but master of nothing? I recommend majoring in Philosophy then.

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    I struggled for a couple years to find myself, academically. But it was after I already received an undergrad in physics.
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    I think I know what I want, I just don't know what will get me there which is why I would like to learn more about ChemE
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    You're question seems a little contradictory!Each of the majors can be called a discipline by itself and you're asking which discipline is most interdisciplinary???(This is for Engineering majors!!!)
    From what you say,only things like BioPhysics, Theoretical Computer sciences, Quantum Computing and Cognitive science come into my mind.I may be able to extend the list but no Engineering major will be included because by definition,Engineering of any kind is finding a way to solve a technical problem no matter to what discipline that solution belongs and so anything you do as an Engineer can't be interdisciplinary!
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