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What is the probability of Multi-Dimensional Entities?

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    Supposing M-theory to be accurate, in your opinion what could be the probability of a form of consciousness (conceivable by the human mind or to the contrary) existing in any higher or lower dimensions.

    Alongside the thought of them taking a human form such as that seen in MIB 3

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    This is one of those "what are rules when there are no rules" questions. The only answer is "probability is whatever author wants it to be for the story they are creating".
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    I'd guess that it's greater than or equal to zero. There is absolutely no way to know the probability of consciousness existing in other dimensions.
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    Linguistically fair comment, I shal rephrase my question.

    What might be the believability among the scientific community of such a circumstance. Is this an outrageous proposition or is it somewhat of a likelihood?

    It isn't something I have noticed very often and I question weather there might be some underlying reason for that that I have not considered yet.
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    In that case, it definitely would be less than or equal to 0.

    Although, in a strickly mathematical and logical sense, it would be actually less than or equal to 1, which I suspect, puts either back in the same usefulness as Drakkith's answer above ;)
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