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What is the purpose of the general purpose registers, segment

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    what is the purpose of the general purpose registers, segment registers, index registers, instruction pointer registers, and status registers?
    I need detail answers.
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    Re: Registers

    This smells like a homework assignment. Bad form.

    But even if we told you in detail, it wouldn't make a lot of sense without understanding the internal workings of a microprocessor, how programs are compiled, and how operating systems are architected.

    For the basics, here's an oldie but goody:

    http://webphysics.davidson.edu/faculty/dmb/py310/8085.pdf [Broken]

    BTW: Flags == Status, Indirect == Index

    Read it beginning to end.

    For segment registers you generally have to go to 16-, 32- and 64-bit processors intended for high-end operating systems. x86 has them. 68K/PPC don't. They are associated with handling multi-tasking in OSes. I'll let your find that stuff.
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    Re: Registers

    I want to find out the internal working of a microprocessor and what microprocessors are made of, and want to find out how compilers work and how computers are architected. Can anyone please tell me how programs are compiled and internal working of any microprocessor?? I was studying 8086 microprocessor.
    When a heading says "Internal architecture of microprocessor" does that mean that microprocessor has all those things(registers, ALU,BUS) inside the 40 pin package?
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    Re: Registers

    yes. you need to do more basic reading. you are asking for a LOT of information.
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    Re: Registers

    Start with these two websites:



    The wikipedia article has lots of links out to related info at the end.

    After you read through those web pages, if you have a specific question, please post it here with a link to the related part of the articles.
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