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What is the right field to pursue?

  1. Jan 1, 2008 #1
    Just to give a little background information I am a first year
    student enrolled for an Accounting degree. The problem is, I am not
    liking it very much and ontop of that, it took me this long at the
    current stage into my life to figure out that such a profession
    lends heavily on communication and extracirricular involvement.
    (This is a problem as I am very shy).

    I have been thinking of other alternative fields and possible
    lucrative careers that may spark a greater interest as well as
    mabey escape this involvement issue. Math has always been a very
    interesting for me and a strength as well so I am looking into
    possible careers and branches such as Mathematical finance or
    Actuarial Science. I guess my real question is, should I waste a year of my life
    switching into mathematical finance (a very narrow and specialized
    field) or Actuarial Science? The two problems with accounting for me is really the courses. I
    find most of the Accounting classes very boring and Auditing/taxation class makes me really tired .The second problem I
    guess is the the fact that employers care more about your involvement and communication skills than your grades. (Is this
    true for other fields like physics/math if your working in industry?)

    Should I switch into something more "heavy" on mathematics as I
    have a greater interest in it? Or just ride it out with this Business Degree.
    I am kind of in a dilemma at this point so any help will be

    appreciated. Thanks! How did you guys know what to pursue and follow?
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    want something heavy on mathematics and still within the commerce family? do Economics... there are heaps of statistics stuffs. And it is NOT going to be easy either...as far as I was told.
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