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What is the status of research on gravitons and Higgs bosons?

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    What is the present state of research on gravitons and Higgs bosons? How much has the research advanced?
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    Not sure about gravitons, but regarding the Higgs, I'm curious. Have you not had any internet connection for the past 2 years, or have been insulated from any kind of news?

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    In terms of gravitons, we cannot and will not ever detect them individually (while we can, and likely will, detect gravitational waves within the next few years).
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    The question was posted here because there might be a particle physicist in the forum that might have data on the research so it might be easier to post a question in this forum and get the information directly from the source rather than taking the information indirectly from online references.
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    I don't think that any ATLAS/CMS collaboration member would give you internal data here, so we are all limited to conference talks, publications and other presentations.
    As far as I know, there were no interesting updates on Higgs searches since december (which included the full 2011 data anyway), and I think you know the results presented there. Maybe ATLAS updated the data at the high mass region, but without interesting results.

    I would expect new things at the summer conferences, with a dataset similar to the one of 2011. Enough to see a bump at 125 GeV again, but not enough for the "magic 5 sigma", even in combinations.

    Gravitons: I didn't see any signs of extra dimensions, gravitons or other new stuff so far.
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    It might have been helpful to specify, since when?
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    Since 2011-2012.
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    Hmm, I should have read my mails ;)

    ATLAS gave a presentation on the status of the Higgs searches yesterday. The exclusion limits at ~115-120 GeV and at the high mass region got a bit better, but apart from that, nothing new happened.
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    And by research do you mean detection or understanding?
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