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Physics What jobs await me after a bachelor's in physics?

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    I'm not interested in teaching. What about after a master's? A PhD?
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    Jobs don't really sit around and wait for you. You have to go out and hunt them down.

    Physics will give you an education. It will teach you how to solve problems. But it is not, in an of itself a professional degree.

    That being said, people who study physics go on to do all sorts of interesting jobs. Sometimes additional training is required, sometimes they jump right in. Fields that I've seen people go into after a bachelors's degree include:
    - programming
    - engineering (in the US)
    - meteorology
    - health physics (radiation safety)
    - radiation therapy (with additional training)
    - financial advising
    - entreprenurial ventures
    - teaching
    - careers in the military
    - lab assistant/technician

    And that's just off the top of my head.
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