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What kind of parties do you guys have?

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    what physicists and mathematicians and engineers do at parties?
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    Drink. A *lot*. And then play Mao. Do you guys here know Mao?

    ...then we drink more.

    Sometimes we drink and play Texas Hold Em.
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    Physicists are, of course, the best pool players around...

    Engineers just drink.
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    Spin the electron?
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    Party? word
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    Lol thats classic!:rofl:
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    When someone asks a question not expecting a real answer, it gets answered to the point where you never get invited back..
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    Just yesterday I went to a party where we basically just watched a movie and drank. Oh, and one person baked a pizza, folded it in half, and ate the whole thing (only a physicist would do that). Unfortunately I didn't drink...but only because I had already drunk at the bowling alley earlier. And we were kind enough to invite two of the evil mathematics grad students.

    So there's an example of how physics grad students party. But as far as I know, the undergrads just drink, same as everyone else.
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    Only in theory. :biggrin:

    One of my friends who is married to an engineer says they fall into two categories, either nerds or drunks. :rofl: I decided not to ask which he thinks his wife is since I've never seen her drink. :biggrin:

    I haven't noticed much difference in the parties thrown by scientists and non-scientists, though philosophers are very interesting when drunk (that is, when I'M drunk...well, and they are too :uhh:...I got trapped into conversation by one at a party once, and it was the only time she ever made sense to me).
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    Welcome to the exciting world of physics. :rolleyes:
  13. Jun 3, 2007 #12
    physics is exciting, inebriation is not
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    I agree. I can't remember the last time I got drunk. Basically the complicated and difficult rule of thumb for drinking socially without getting drunk is "don't be an idiot." But hey, if you want to hang out with physicists and not drink, that's fine too. This isn't high school, after all, and physicists are just cool that way.
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    In my undergraduate years, we (my circle of friends--mostly goths and punks) used to have "porn and 40s" parties. Everyone had to come dressed as something perverted (pimps, prositutes, flashers, S&M enthusiasts, etc.), and the only thing to drink was bottles of 40 ounce malt liquor in paper bags. Awwww ye-ahhhhh.
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    My friends and I used to hold "punch parties" when things got dull. Your entry into the party could be a bottle of wine, a bottle of tequila, gin, rum, whiskey, etc, or a gallon of cider, fruit juice, or similar. I'd supply the stereo and at least a starter of vodka or rum for the punch and things would generally progress for a happy (police free) all-night party.
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    the things is though that the alcohol is only a lubricant and not an activity?
  18. Jun 3, 2007 #17
    I either get together with my girlfriend, wash clothes, listen to music or play word games on weekend nights. Yes, I'm 48.

    I once called a double bank shot (lengthwise) using reversed spin, finally knocking the object ball (wedged against the second rail) into its neighboring pocket.
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    We had parties like that, we would use an empty clean plastic garbage can with a few big chunks of ice and fill it with whatever people brought. We called them Wopatooly parties.
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    what parties?
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    I once held a Mars party. We watched a TV show about the Mars exploration crafts then looked at Mars and Jupiter and few other sights through three of my telescopes. We had orange frosted cake, and other Mars related snacks. I have a friend who is a recovered alcoholic, so I don't serve alcohol.

    We helped set up a weekend party where everyone had to bring something to a beachhouse that was star related as their entry ticket. There were star themed snacks, star themed word games, space themed videos to watch, etc.
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