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What Major Is Best For My Future?

  1. Oct 7, 2015 #1
    I know that when I get out of school I want to help develop solar roadways, bike paths, and parking lots. Potentially even help with the efficiency rate of solar panels. However, I'm currently a mechanical engineering student with a concentration in energy. The only way to get a concentration in energy is to go through mechanical engineering. I feel like ME will help me as far as the designing and manufacturing of future solar panels. BUT Electrical will help with the efficiency and true inner design and understanding of solar panels. and Civil will help with the whole roadway, bike path, parking lot problem. The question is, which one is the best route?
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    That depends on how far you are into your mechanical engineering education, what your career goals are, and on what scale you wish to be involved with solar energy. The actual photovoltaic cells are something being worked on by electrical engineers (and probably physicists), but I'm not sure about whether or not mechanical engineers work on that. These involve some heavy amounts of physics from what I know.
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    Civil is the easy road. Electrical is the toughest. The income potential varies accordingly and the job market, at least in EE and ME is relatively robust. Civil is a litlle more dicey because so many jobs depend on public funding, which has not been robust. While you may not be focused on public sector jobs, a decline in employment in that sector increases competition for jobs in other sectors
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    Im in my first semester of mechanical engineering and all engineering majors at my university have identical first years unless you transfer in with credits. My career goals are to make solar roads/bike lanes happen basically. (I know there are people already working on it and making them) That seems a little broad but basically I want to work with finding new ways to incorporate solar panels into society.
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