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What major should i choose, Advise

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    Hello, I am new to physics forums... I need big help choosing career!!!! I am planning to go to US to pursue my higher education but before that i am confused what major to choose. I am very much interested in Physics, Maths and i love researching about Wormholes, time machine, Life on terrestrial planets... Physics is my passion but my uncle said physicist make less money than other jobs... I applied to Colorado state university major in Physics engineering.

    My question, after bsc in physics what can i do in masters and PHD? GOD im so tensed, I dono what to choose. My friend said study for Pilot cause they make big bucks... Please advise! I love physics....

    Sorry for my poor english!
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    If you're going into physics to do research on time machines, life on extra-terrestrial planets and wormholes, then think again. Chances are very small that you will end up doing research on this. Physics is something completely different from what you read in popular science books.
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