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What Motherboard Is Good For that CPU?

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    Hi there,
    I need a good and handy way to findout, without too much pain, which motherboard is compatible with a certaini CPU. I usually check the motherboard manufacturer websites for this, but it takes me alot of time.
    Do you know a website for that porpous? A place where you give them a CPU type and it suggests some good motherboards for it?
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    If you know the CPU you can find out what type of socket it is and then based on that you know which motheboards can accept the CPU.

    Which CPU do you have in mind?
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    Here's something you can try:
    Go to www.motherboards.org

    Scroll down while looking at the left side of your screen. You will see an ad feature titled "Upgrade Your Processor" from PowerLeap.
    Click on that and allow the ActiveX to install.
    Your screen may go weird for about 30 seconds(mine did) Patience!!
    Then a new screen appears and follow the instructions on the right.

    Note that this utility only works with respect to a motherboard actually being used to initiate this query.
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    yo that url is amazing
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