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Will this CPU be fully compatible with this motherboard?

  1. Nov 27, 2009 #1

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Will my Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 (2.66 GHz) be both physically, and electronically compatible with the motherboard in the link? I know that sometimes processors will not work on motherboards, even if has the same socket type. Due to bridge type, and FSB compatibility issues. If you are a computer whiz, especially when it comes to hardware, will my CPU work fine in this motherboard?

    I also have 6GB of DDR2-800MHz RAM. Will that fit too? I was hoping to upgrade my motherboard for the holidays, from my Foxconn G33 to the Gigabyte motherboard listed in the link at the top of this post.

    Also, use the following link to see detailed specifications on my current PC. Note that I have since upgraded the PSU from a 400W to a 750W. I have also purchased a Cooler Master HAF 932 full tower case, but have not had it installed yet as I do not currently have physical possession of my PC. It has been repaired by the manufacturer, and is being shipped via truck to the store in which I purchased my PC from.

    I'll probably have it back within the next Two weeks. When I do, I'll pay them to transfer everything from my Gateway FX case, into the HAF 932.

    http://www.productwiki.com/gateway-fx6710-01/ [Broken]

    Scroll down to see the details.
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    It looks good to me, but, if you want to be sure, try to find the manual for the motherboard, those are usually available online.
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    Excellent board, much better than the Foxconn. You shouldn't have any problems with the Core II and the RAM.
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