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I What octahedral site is preferred by carbon?

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    in steel made with ferrite ( fe with bcc ) , we have tetrahedral and octahedral sites that the carbon can occupy , we know that carbon likes to occupy octahedral sites , but there are two kinds of them .
    1 : on face centers , and 2 : on edge centers .
    does carbon prefer one of them ? or does it occupy both of them ?
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    i have seen this discussion in detail and post you a reference -
    it says that carbon prefers the site which has deformations and edge sites may be preferred but i will see it and cofirm.
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    [PPT]voids_in_crystals.ppt - IITK - Indian Institute of Technology ...
    ... the atoms may be present both in the lattice and interstitial sites (e.g. B in steel). ... Later on we will talk about tetrahedral and octahedral voids in FCC, BCC ...

    the above site gives youu a detail picture of mechanisms.
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    sorry for the late reply , thank you so much for answering , it was strangely hard to find anything about it . the ppt does explain clearly why carbon prefers octa voids over tetra voids , it doesn t specify which octa void though , so i will just take it as there is no difference between the face centers and edge centers.
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