What position does lonepair of electron takes?

  1. In molecules like SCl4 lone pair occupy equitorial position.But, in IF5 lone pair occupy axial position.Why can't the lone pair in SCl4 occupy axial position?
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    IF5 has a pseudo-octahedral geometry. Can you tell me how to distinguish between axial and equatorial positions in an octahedron?
  4. Don't know.I have studied molecular shapes up to octahedral.so excuse me.
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    Five fluoride ligands can't occupy all the six corners of an octahedron, hence the coordination geometry can't be octahedral. But if we take the lone pair into account, it occupies the sixth corner of the octahedron. Therefore we speak of a pseudo-octahedral geometry.
    I wanted to say that all the six corners in an octahedron are equivalent, so there is no difference between axial and equatorial.
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