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Chemistry What should I do with this bad book? (lots of typos)

  1. Dec 20, 2016 #1
    I brought a physical chemistry book by Wiley. Its printing is just awful. You can expect a printing mistakes in a fat (lack of vocabulary) book but this book is riddled with these.
    Eg :- Virial 2nd coefficient is given as ##b-a\over RT## instead of ##b -{a \over RT}## and best part, is that they used this wrong formulation everywhere.

    I think I have wasted my money and time on this nonsensical book. What should I do with this ? Should I return it or keep it (other than printing error there ain't any errors) ? What is the quality of Wiley's books ? Are they good ?

    What are some other good physical chemistry books ?
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    You could complain to Wiley that they have a quality issue here and tell them what you found and that you'd like them to buy back the book.

    However, I don't think you'll get your money back. They'll probably say "We have an errata sheet with those typos posted already but thanks for letting us know."

    If you can get your money back do that.
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    Dr Transport

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    I used a specialty book in graduate school which we were working thru and found all kinds of typos, we bought another copy and annotated it and sent it back to the original professor. He asked how many copies we needed and sent the requisite number when he made the corrections and got the new printing.
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    As I am not getting my money I will keep it but not going to study from it because instead of correcting my mistakes I am correcting books mistake. :(.

    Any recommendations on a well written physical chemistry book ?
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    What level? What topics need to be covered?
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    I have actually done my high school but I want to start from scratch.I am having a quite difficult time understanding undergraduate physical chemistry.
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    A good choice might be Atkins' Physical Chemistry. It is quite popular, so it should be easy to get a used copy cheap (and you definitely don't need to go for the most recent edition).
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