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From what book should I start my calculus course?

  1. Aug 20, 2013 #1
    Hi, this is my first post.
    Okay, I am in 1st semester of my university (doing B.E. Electrical Engineering). My Maths (I) is all calculus. So what calculus book should I buy??

    The university proposes ----> 1. Calculus and Analytic Geometry, 9th edition by Thomas and Finney
    2.Essential Calculus by Stewart James

    The above are as textbooks.

    The below are referred to as reference books---->

    1. Wider David V, Advanced Calculus: Early Trancedentals, Cengage Learning (2007).
    2. Apostol Tom M, Calculus, Vol I and II John Wiley (2003).
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    Finally someone, I was becoming cynical regarding getting enough answers. Thanks a lot verty
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    Thomas is a good book. I like Howard Anton also.
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    I learned calculus from the 7th edition of Thomas and Finney. It is a very good book. I suspect the 9th edition is very similar and retains the same approach. It is certainly very good for engineers. I think I have used almost everything I learned from that book. I hope you enjoy calculus!

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